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Stage 1 Consultation and Preferred Route Corridor announcement

Preferred Corridor – An Overview - June 2011 
Describes the preferred corridor and how that decision was made
Feedback Report on Stage 1 Consultation - June 2011 and Appendices
Summarises consultation representations, extracts the themes and location-specific issues raised during the Stage 1 Consultation and provides National Grid’s response to these issues.
Selection of Preferred Corridor - June 2011
Sets out how statutory duties, policy considerations, technical and environmental issues and the responses to the Stage 1 Consultation have shaped and influenced the selection of a preferred corridor.

Ornithological Assessment Report - June 2011

Stage 1: Route corridor study maps 
Bramford–Twinstead corridor study map showing four corridors consulted on during Stage 1

Stage 1: Consultation zones
Bramford–Twinstead Stage 1 consultation zones map

Draft Substation Siting Study - Executive Summary - October 2009 

Detailed Substation Siting Study - Draft - October 2009

Route Corridor Study - Executive Summary - October 2009

Route Corridor Study - October 2009
Published in 2009, this study, which includes an Ornithological Report, describes the identified route corridors for the connection between Bramford substation in Suffolk and Twinstead Tee in Essex, which formed the basis for the Stage 1 Consultation.