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Thematic Groups

Thematic groups included local authority and other professionals and environmental specialists, along with Community Forum observers, and focus on important environmental areas including:

  • landscape and views
  • biodiversity
  • cultural heritage

The thematic groups were set up to help us with the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). EIA studies are taken into account when we design the connection, for example helping to plan the new connection in detail, the best access routes and how we will build it. You can view the thematic group Terms of Reference here: Thematic Group Terms of Reference.

The groups were made up of representatives from local authorities and statutory consultees such as Natural England, the Environment Agency and English Heritage. There were other specialists invited to attend, such as local interest groups who have a good knowledge of the local area.

National Grid chaired the meetings along with a specialist advisor from an independent environmental consultancy.

Following the announcement to place the project on hold it was also agreed to place the Thematic Groups on hold until further notice.

Notes and information from these meeting can be found on the meetings page.

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